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Chipstead Petal winner Junior Bitch Crufts 2022.

Many years ago Fleur’s great grandfather Captain Fitzgeorge-Parker bred and showed Smooth Fox Terriers. They were handled by Captain Holdsworth. In 2002 we decided to revive his Chipstead kennel. We approached Mrs T Broom and she very kindly found us our bitch Mother Earth from Roxway. Shadow (Mother Earth from Roxway) has had three lovely litters and is now retired from breeding. She has bred two champions.

Our aim is to breed for temperament, soundness and to get as near to the breed standard as possible. We occasionally have puppies for sale. Fox Terriers need to be owned by fun loving people with a sense of humour!

Champion – Chipstead Gemstone  

Chipstead Hermes. Fleur Marston showing her Fox Terrier at Crufts. Winner of Any Variety Terrier Crufts Young Kennel Club Stakes 2012  


 The Smooth Fox Terrier originates from Great Britain and is a member of the terrier family. Smooths were originally used as hunting dogs for locating the positions of foxes in their tunnels and killing vermin. Today they are still used as hunters but more commonly as companions. In general the Smooth is a friendly, devoted and affectionate dog with lots of personality.

They are good watchdogs and can be protective if they feel a member of their family is in danger or being threatened. Smooths get on well with children and do make ideal family pets. They have to be socialised from an early age especially with cats and other household pets.

To find out more call +44 (0)7920 775571 or click here to contact Rose Marston  

Chipstead Pancake

Winner Crufts 2017.

Chipstead Hermes is her father and Yoxella Word For Word from Chipstead is her Mother