When you get your Chipstead puppy home

1. Fresh water must be available at all times.

2. He/ she must be shown where his bed is, which must be comfortable. When he is tired, children must be taught to “let sleeping dogs lie.”

3. Always go outside with them, as soon as they wake up, before meals and after meals. This will help with house training.

4. Do not take to public places until fully inoculated – get your vet’s advice when it is safe to take your puppy about.

5. NEVER drag him on a lead. When he is young, if he gets tired on a walk carry him/ her.

6. Take them to ring craft and puppy training (Teach them to stand instead of sit). This will help to socialize them with people and other dogs.

7. You can also take your puppy for short rides in the car to get them used to travelling. Good Luck!