In their New Homes

Saphi 14 years old

Saphi is such an amazing dog and I love her traits


It was Charlie's 4th birthday today and after doing his farm yard duties this morning went to the National Trust at Sheffield Park not too far from us. There he was issued with a doggy passport which was duly stamped and then had a lovely walk. As is now quite normal when we go out he was admired again by several other visitors and even had his photo taken by one of them. After his walk he went into the café there and waited patiently by the table whilst we had coffee and scones. On arriving home he was too tired to do his farm jobs and went to sleep by the fire. I think he had a good birthday.  


She settled in really well her and peach are best of friends  

Happy Puppy and Peaches

Small LOVES swimming and is great at retrieving from the water!


"Charlie" with his cows at South Suffolk Show on the 14th. Heathfield on Saturday and Suffolk next week.


Impromptually went in for a fun charity dog show. No preparation so to my amazement Dublin won best medium dog section. Went because it was fund raising for some worthwhile dog charities. He loves his prize

As promised some pics of a rascal – Jack Knight.
Many more to send. I should in script them as they show a verry varied life. A major family member. 
Martin and Jenny Knight

   “Best friends now”

 Charlestone "Charlie"

 He's been to Heathfield, South Suffolk, Suffolk, Kent, South of England, Oxted and Edenbridge, Chertsey, Egham, New Forest and Romsey shows this year and behaved well with the exception of Kent County where he was a real pain for some reason. Occasionally he gets himself stuck in various objects around the farmyard, I know when he is because he makes not a bark or howl but a definite Yip, Yip. Twice in a hole a tarpaulin and today stuck inside the cattle crush despite having got himself in there somehow.


Here is Charleston in his country jacket (it was very cold) overseeing the feeding of our Dexter cattle in the barn.

Our bull is in the background and the calf is one that we are keeping as a bull for the future hopefully. "Charlie" has been at times quite challenging but we knew that anyway, now he is maturing he is getting much better. He travels with us all the time and is good in the car and can be left without barking at anybody. He is extremely friendly to all that he meets which is good. We only managed to get to two shows last year with all the restrictions but he behaved brilliantly and spent the days tied up next to his cattle mates and being admired by the public. On both occasions we had to stay overnight in a tent and he slept in the tent with us with no problems.

Saphi is 12 years old now and growing old gracefully lol.

Her face is going white now but she's still full of health and energy. She's been a great dog and the best thing ever. She's always been a free spirit and had a great life and hopefully many more years to cone too.

Many thanks for her.  

Polly relaxing music

Chipstead Puzzle enjoying life with Olia

Sam and Polly during Lockdown

Absolutely delightful character. He likes to disappear up the fields after rabbits if he gets the chance. They both have been gone for more than 5 hours on two occasions!

Chipstead Pirate in his retirement home. “Thank you for letting us have him after our beloved Dynamite died.

He has settled beautifully. We love him and he loves watching John Wayne”

Chipstead Charleston growing up

  Chipstead Sally now one year old in her home   

Foxtrot enjoying her new home and friend   

Chipstead Edith

Hi Rose, she is doing really well. She is very friendly with other dogs and loves meeting new human friends. She goes a bit cloth eared when hunting in the woods but I'm working that.     Dave


The Bracey’s Milly loving life    

The Pughs Polly full sister to Chipstead Pethybridge.


As promised some photos of Crystal for you to see how well she has grown up into a stunning young lady.

I can’t believe she’s turned 1 already - she celebrated with a birthday cake from a local doggy deli which she loved.

I hope you like the photos, I’ve tried to select a combination of close ups and standing as well as some with Desmond. I’ve included a couple of her on her training equipment to build up core strength and balance- like most things she mastered it quickly as she’s bright and eager to learn....... and receive rewards!! At her obedience class on Saturday she gained her KC silver award and has already mastered a lot of the exercises required for the gold award. She’s also loving her agility, unfortunately I haven’t got any videos of her to share with you but I will forward on one of Desmond which was taken a couple of weeks ago at training.


Nara aka Chipstead Sparkler came to us at 8 weeks. For the last 6 years she has represented Smooths at discover dogs and Crufts, helping raise the profile of the breed. We do not show her but she has won numerous prizes at dog fun days. 

When not chilling watching Dysney films with our 3 year old daughter she runs with me and has climbed mountains in Scotland and Spain. 

Nara is Gaelic for contented and for a smooth she is very laid back. Her obedience is excellent and she walks off lead everywhere, except near busy roads. Our first Smooth but not our last.

  This is Mr and Mrs Pughs Polly  

Polly with new toy

  Caroline Coopers Foxy  




Jack in his holiday home in France    

Chipstead Picolo owned by Dave Baker

"Here are some more photos from her being a pup and growing up"

"Love her to death and thanks for letting me have her. I wish I had more ????. She's great, very obedient and loving especially with children. A real family dog. Thanks again"

"This is when she got a toilet roll from upstairs and took it downstairs and destroyed it. Me and my girlfriend laughed at this. It was so funny"

"She loves snow"


"Won't sleep on the floor wants to be with us all the time"

"When I work from home he won't leave my side. Loves digging!!"

"Won't be planting anything this year!! Strawberry plants already destroyed ????"

"The children adore him!! Hayden the eldest walks him before school without fail rain on shine was such a good age for them I think"


"Sibel has adopted the life of the dachshund !" 

"She's very pretty - people always comment on her pretty face."

"She's also a good girl and kind. We are delighted with her." 

Chipstead Sligo

"He has grown quite a lot from when we picked him up. We continually get comments about how smart he looks and his posture. I was told by a random dog owner this morning that I should enter him for crufts. Here he is fast asleep tonight. He is fine in the car now . He is also starting to have off the lead walks for short stretches along the disused railway line. He has his own hole in my veg patch which he enjoys a regular dig in."

Archie on his first camping trip and he hasn't chewed the guy ropes or the pegs yet


 One our latest puppies enjoying her new home. Born February 2018